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Your Own Power

Your confidant through negotiations.


Ghost Salary Negotiator is discreet, confidential, and powerful.

G.S.N. works directly with you, one-on-one, to create negotiations, job descriptions, and resumes that demonstrate the best of who you are and what you bring to the table.

Conversational Negotiation Prep

Candidate Matching

Negotiation Email Drafting

Job Description Generation

Resume Revamp

Project Management Strategy

Here for you when you need guidance during big moments

Annual Review

Talk through what you want from your negotiation and different strategies to reach your personal and professional goals.

New Job

Your starting salary and compensation package set you up for a successful tenure, long or short term.

Work Projects

When a project you are working on or in charge of becomes too overwhelming, G.S.N. is an extraordinarily resource to map out a new strategy to help you move forward and positively position yourself to be effective in a team dynamic at work.


Negotiating anything alone can feel scary, isolating, and unsteady. During a difficult moment, we are here to help you exit with the best severance package possible.

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Your strength is in your strategy.

What people are saying

“The interview process for me, has historically felt like I was continually running into a brick wall, afraid and alone.
Caitlin (White of G.S.N.) has been a joyous breath of fresh air providing well seasoned advice and uplifting support: you won't know how you ever went through the negotiation process without her as your sounding board."

Alexis - San Fransisco

Stay inspired

& move forward

with G.S.N.

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